Monday, April 20, 2009

Hennessy Artistry

you know what... this is my first time going to such a well awaited event, stephy baby told me abt it and i was anticipating it.. but she seemed to be like addicted to it... lol lol lol...

but anyways, you know what?!?! ITS HERE!!! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!

WO HOOO!!!(deserves a naked celebration dance at home, in my own room of cuz) juz kidding though, but anyways, i will be at THE mezza notte at Asian Heritage Row... hehehe... imma be there, im be at the press conference,(deserving another jiggle) the conference is gonna be at 8pm at Mezza Notte and both are gonna be held in the same day, which is on the 23rd April so imma be busy aight(starting to type lyke a drunkard, must be the alcohol LOL). later on .. hmm .. let see ..

But then hor, really cant wait... wuahahahahah

Starz Angelz

my virginity in going to a big time event is gonna be busted...lolol

local star Caprice(looks abit like Edison Chen no?potential?)

wuahahahha, im so thrilled that im also gonna travel all the way with my baby n jane to PENANG for Penang's Hennessy Artistry. crazey hor, summore on d same week and on saturday summore... cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!See you all there!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Weekend with Princess Part 2

well, im not gonna update that just yet, gonna update when im home or later... ^^

*thinking of her...*

My Weekend with Princess part 1

On Friday was our 3rd month anniversary, i finished work late at 8pm and rushed over to see her... i got her a "Confession of a Shoppaholic". I rushed over but it the roads were jammed up.. but then hor, i got there too... nevertheless, she said she has a plan and suprise for me, she took me to Desa Park Water Front(where we have most of our memories) and looked for a suitable spot to sit, we were walking and to our suprise, there were so many people!! got ppl jogging, walking, sitting around and also couples like us, going there to enjoy the scenery... it was a simple night...

SHE BROUGHT A CAKE ALONG!! i tried to peek but got scolded and told to be patient and wait.. so i did... then we found a nice seating and we had a talk... a talk about our future together and what we have gone through(like business review like tat but more emotional and mushy) then when we were done, we shifted to a nicer place to open our cake!! a beautiful Black forest cake. (pics at ) I WAS MOLESTED!!! lol but seriously, this is my first... and the we put 3 candles for... duh... 3 moths of course and we wished and blew the candle together...

we were supposed to finish of the cake ourself... it was a half kilo cake!!we fed each other, and when we couldnt finish the cake, we decided to do a bit of vandalism... lol... VANDALISM BY CAKE!! we took the cream off the from the cake and start to aim for the pillars around the cake to fling the cream at.. lol! SO RANDOM! the we laughed, gigled and had a short walk to enjoy the night then we went to the toilet and then came out, saw a ermm.. u know.. those huge bouquet stands that ppl send to congratulate an opening of a shop?? lol we stole 2 flowers from that bouquet!! it was a random but simple night... then our day ended when i left for home...