Monday, September 7, 2009

Reasons I Shall Not be Smoking

even uncle sam is urging me to stop. i should and i am.

after this post onwards, i am not gonna take up any cigarettes anymore...

1. it cost me money where i can use it up for something more productive.
2. its disappointing and hurting my parents and my loved ones.
3. its not good for health.
4. there is no benefits from smoking.
5. if my baby has quit smoking, so can i.
6. since i started smoking, i have done nothing good, just bad.
7. its a stupid decision, like my dad said, only stupid people smokes.
8. there is so much more in life.
9. it tastes like shit(not that i have tasted shit before).
10. if i cant take care of myself, no one can.
11. whats the point of taking supplements and then killing it by smoking? wasting money
12. smoke relief is only temporary.
13. if im going to kill myself slowly, might as well just shoot myself in the head.
14. everyone wants to quit, so im taking up the initiative to do so.
15. i dont want a smoking future.

seriously, smoking has effected me too much in life, and not in a good way. always brought me trouble, lowers down my productivity and basically never brought anything good to me.

so, from today onwards, Monday, September 7 2009, 2:52am, i shall not pickup smoking nor shall i be influenced by anyone to smoke anymore. shame on me for smoking... this is a promise to myself, and anyone who is reading this, please quit, and list down what has smoking done for you before...

Sunday, September 6, 2009


i feel like crying... i really do... i have been waiting a whole day for her... for her responses, her replies...


i was at my friend's place today, wanting help to compose a song for her birthday... i didnt want her to know, its a surprise... so i sms-ed to tel her that i am studying and i wont want to be bothered...well... im never good at lying and keeping surprises... she called an hour later, i ran to the toilet and hid... told her im in the toilet, and i need to finish of another chapter and then call her back...

but then after a while... she called me back, and she caught me that i wasnt at home, and that i was lying to her...

i couldnt help it... i really wanted it to be her B'day song... its so hard to compose and write, she smsed me that she wanted to break up with me cause she couldnt trust me...

i went home and saw that my status on Facebook is no longer in a relationship with her.... it really hurts me then... it really did... but i kept it in... told her that i was composing and writing a song for her... she still doesnt believe i think... called her multiple times today but to no avail... smsed her but no replies... i saw her online, i msg-ed her but she doesnt asnwer me... i really cant hold it in right writing this as tears are rolling down my cheeks as i feel ignored, lost and i dont know what to do...

how bad is it that a person feels that he/she is ignored just because he/she wanted to do something for his/her loved one? where is the fairness in that? i waited the whole day... and i have no outlet... i cant think straight, kept me from thinking too much... but now i finally cracked...

kepedihan hatiku...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Deciding for a Change

im going to change myself, to reach for my dreams. am gonna change myself so my baby does not need to worry about me... i feel the winds of change blowing my way... it is now the right time and right place.

im not going to be as forgetful as i was before... i will take action into mind, words into consideration... no longer will i live my life like i was before...

my current thinking brought me where i am now, i am not happy with where i am... i want something better, something more... i need a change...

A Man With A Dream Will Not Be Denied...

A Change in My Life

Standing cold and scared on top of blue hill,
There came one moment, when I lost my will.
I prayed for mercy, please lord take me away.
Oh give me sunshine where I only see grey.
My past had a hold on me, it can't be denied,
And the changes don't come easily.

I've been lonely, I've been cheated,
I've been misunderstood
I've been washed up, I've been put down,
And told I'm no good
But with you I belong,
Cause you help me be strong,
There's a change in my life,
Since you came along.

Now I don't mind working so hard every day.
And I don't pay no mind to what people say.
'Cause after all the pain I've been through
Lord knows I'd give up everything
Just to love only you
All my life I'd held my head bent in shame,
But now I've found you, and with you
I'll remain, Lord knows.

Repeat chorus

A man gets crazy when his life is all wrong,
And a heart gets weary when it doesn't belong.
When the road gets rocky Lord
You've got to keep on.
Let the new light come shining on through.

Repeat chorus

Thursday, August 13, 2009


why am i so forgetful? why cant i remember somethings when i try so hard to remember them... this is what brought me into trouble with my baby today. i sometimes forget where her classes are and it hurts her... i understand that, because it shows as if i dont care. i do care about her, i dont want to make her sad. but i make her sad time and time again, while i thought that i am doing something that is making her happy, making her proud, something else pops up and i make her sad. i dont want that to happen. i really dont.

everytime she is sad, it makes me feel useless as a boyfriend not doing what im supposed to do, which is to make her happy. as of right now, i am aiming for her birthday, every single cent and penny saved will prioritized for my baby's birthday, i am even doing her handmade gift right now... and below, i will vow to do these and to keep my forgetfulness away, even that there is still a chance, i want to minimize it.

1. jot down every single thing of my baby's lifestyle.
2. constantly update the booklet and constantly looktrough it so i do not forget.

this will try to reduce the chance of me dissapointing my baby. i love her too much to hurt her anymore...

p.s: smack me if i do forget. i love you stephanie

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Best Thing That Happened to me

There has never been any greater girl that has come into my life... you are everything that means special to me..

why do i say that? because you are the anchor of my heart... you keep me down when things are afloat but you keep me up when i am sad. you are all i have ever hoped for, and there is no one like you. i really want you to know that i love you more than anyone else in this world...

Hennessy Artistry in QE3 in Penang, yes, she did down the bottle lulz...

sometimes to get to your heart is difficult, but i always tell myself that i wont give up on you, because you mean that much to me. i have never felt this way to anyone before, and this the truth, i pray everynight for you to be safe from all worries and sorrows.

despite we came from different backgrounds, different point of views, but there is so much we could do together, and i believe our love transcends boundaries.

this is how good she looked in dresses, she blows my mind every-time.

i believe that there is a reason that we were brought together, and it is no accident, as i write this i am thinking of all the memories that we have had together and all the memories that we are going to have in the future.. thats what i see...

shaking her bootay during HA in KL... all i could do was sit aside and admire her..

nothing will keep me from doing what i want to do for you, there is just so much in this relationship that i have longed for and i know for a fact that if this is taken away from me, i will not be able to find it again. you are in a way, so many things i have wanted...

look at her skin... no blemishes, makes me feel like touching her cheeks..

i can never get bored of just gazing at you, admiring what i have infront of my eyes, i will never get tired of holding your hands, to feel what i know is real, and i can never saw sweet things to you, because thats how sweet you mean to me and you know that you deserve it. everytime you ask me "you not bored 1 meh always hug hug kiss kiss", i always wanted to say, "no" cuz how could i get bored of you? i could never get bored of you... even when you are not around i basically think of you..

she can camwhore all she wants because i get more pictures of her to look at, she always looks nice... :)

every single thing you do for me i do cherish it for it means so much to me. i never thought i would ever find someone that i could love as much as you, because i know that you are lovable.

see see, she making my face blush (actually its d alcohol) but she does make me blush, and she has the power to make me blush whenever she wants...

sometimes i feel silly making some small mistakes, and you dont like making mistakes... my head is a bit thick and you might say sometimes a bit airheaded(Himbo???) but i always knock some sense into myself and before i met you, i would just do something without thinking it through so much...

awwww..... So cute... (melted)

i believe that every single moment spent with you is a god gifted moment, everytime i would not want you to part from me is not because i just dont want you to go home and rest, its just that i want to spend a bit more time with you, even just doing nothing but spending time with you is already "something" to me..

Yo te amor... por siempre estaras en mi corazon...

as i am typing this out i just cant stop looking at the pictures on the picture frames you filled up for me, its so nice that it looks like small windows of moments that we had... and when i spin it slowly, it makes me wonder if there was any magic spell that binded us together...

hug me... not the baaaggg.... meee meee....

i pamper you so much not because i have to, its because i want to, because i know you deserve it and so much more. if i were able to give you more, i would... without thinking twice i would give you so much that you would want me to stop... ^^

look like bubblegum hor hor hor...

as time goes by i know that one day that i will be able to achieve my goal of giving everything to you... and you are the only person that i want to give to.

just like a seniorita asking for a dance... just have to love her...

i want you to know one thing, i want to go through everything with you, be it sadness... or happiness or bliss, EVERYTHING... because you mean a lot to me...

...:::~~~///I Love You Stephanie\\\~~~:::...

heres a song dedicated to my love...

The Calling : Stigmatized
If I give up on you I give up on me
If we fight what's true, will we ever be
Even God himself and the faith I knew
Shouldn't hold me back, shouldn't keep me from you

Tease me, by holding out your hand
Then leave me, or take me as I am
And live our lives, stigmatized

I can feel the blood rushing though my veins
When I hear your voice, driving me insane
Hour after hour day after day
Every lonely night that I sit and pray


We live our lives on different sides,
But we keep together you and I
Just live our lives, stigmatized

We'll live our lives, We'll take the punches everyday
We'll live our lives I know we're gonna find our way

I believe in you
Even if no one understands
I Believe in you, and I don't really give a damn
We live our lives on different sides
But we keep together you and I
We live our lives on different sides

We're gonna live our lives
Gotta live our lives
We're gonna live our lives
We're gonna live our lives, Gonna live our lives, Stigmatized

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


wow... its been ages since i last blogged... daaaammmmnnnn~~

but anyways, im still alive and kicking, still in love with the same girl, if not, even more in love with the same girl(u know who im talking about) and am now living like a student but also working some side business, some events outside...

i never had anything much to blog about, everytime i wanted to blog about something, i reach home, sit on the pc, and totally forget what i want to type out, and im sure a lot of other writers or bloggers outside face the same problem too... my blog isnt too photographic cuz i dont have a camera, but still... hmmm... what did i want to write again?

how are me and steph? great of course, but also experiencing some rocky roads, but i still love her...(damn scary, like talking to my self "hey, how r you? im fine thanks, how bout you? fine too...") we have passed 6months together and looking forward to more no matter what.

anyways, i hope everyone is doing fine, make love not war...

and i hope this line helps you..


quoted from someone obviously.. but really strong impact... take care ^^

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Redefining Love

its going to be 6 months now for me and my baby, and there is no one else i love more in this world... i am willing to sacrifice so much and give her so much more, because i know that she deserves it. i have never doubted anything from her before, loving her more and more each passing day. what is love when you dont love her flaws too? nobody is perfect, and i accept it.

sometimes we do have our ups and downs, i have my immaturities and she has her flaws too... but i love her for who she is and im not gonna do anything to change the fact that i love her like crazy. i cant do anything but to pamper her and show her how much i love her. and at the same time she does the same to.

there are no perfect relationships out there, but there are only great ones, and im having one. yes, there are things that we need to cope with, things that we are angered by, and things that we do not agree with, but putting all those aside, there is just so much space for improvement and affection in our relationship. each passing day, our relationship grows and grows, as we stumble, fall and pick ourselves up and dust off the dirt, we hold hands and walk together again. walking towards a wonderful future together. i may be a dreamer, but i only like thinking positive. well, opposites attract, thats why we are together. i really love her alot. there are just so many things i want to do for her, love her more and more, give her things that she could only dream of having and just so much more...

without her, i would only be floating in thin air as she is the anchor that pulls me back to earth... walking with her made so many things clear to me. most of the time, she wonders that i am either too innocent, or just plain stupid. sometimes its a bit of both.

she is just everything that i ever dreamed of, i really dont want to change that...

I love stephanie

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Most Wanted Ruummate Finalists

so guys and girls, do you know what is the most wanted Ruummate? neither do i...

nah.... just kidding(of course I am, if not someone will kill meh). it actually is sorta like a teen idol/beauty king or queen/most famous members on Ruumz.. just recently, I attended their unveiling at PacketHub in PJ. we were on the roof top, drinking booze and eating finger foods and mingling around, but most importantly, we get to know the finalist... all those lengchais and lengluis...

James Chong (third from right), chief executive of ruumzNation and the energetic ruumz team

really, these people are a friendly bunch, especially Uncle James! hehe(so.. so.. dead..)

Judges for the 'Most Wanted ruumate' campaign. From left, Fly Guy, Sarah Lian, Niki Cheong, Lu Jing Shia and Ross

Group shot of the finalists and judges

so boys and girls, if you do see any of these guys or girls interesting please vote for them at . here are the boys(scream girls, scream!)

Reuben Samuel

Jon Lee

Dicky Oscar

Derek Yeap

Boywin Lee

Asran Zakry

now that we r done with the boys, lets do the girls!!(pls la, dun so dirty)

Rachel Beh

Raessa Sha

Pearlyn Sin

Melissa Lim

Kiwi See

Kamen Liew

Ellie Chee

Coco Woo

Amanda Choe
Thats it boys and that were are done with them... lets go and sleep.. ZZZzzzzZZzzzz...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So yeah, my blog has been dead for quite some time, so screw.. i mean sue me... well, its basically bcuz i have nothing to blog about and i am actually going through a change of lifestyle... again..

been working my ass off for the last few months with a great company and a well paid job, but now im quitting that job so that i can continue my studies and focus on it.... Haaarrrddd... i dont want to waste anymore time on finishing my studies, so that i can chase my goal in the future. but i thank god i still have my baby.(not those kids, my gf la...) but overall, there are always sacrifices when one wants something, so i wanna have a better future, thats why im sacrificing my current financial stability, it do or die... russian roulette, stand up or bend over, u catch my drift...but anyways, i really hope that i am making a good choice, and im not gonna look back and go... DOOOHH!!.

so... all you assholes and biatches out there, if u see me in college.. do gimme some cash, cuz imma be ass broke(not that ass) when im in college... "abang ada 2 linggit ka?"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We had our 4th month anniversary on the 3rd of may, and i know its a bit late to blog about this, but im not really the blogger person much, i took her to Desa Park before midnight of the 2nd, then we found a nice spot to lay out my plan... hehehe... asked her to turn around to look away, and she did, so i took out yhe plastic bags full of rose petals of the color white, pink and red, and laid a heart shape on the grass, then placed the white gold ring(in the box) in the heart, she looked back, blur, but then, the smile, shock and awe came all at one. that look melted me straight away, and for that moment, i knew that everything i did was worth it. she then walked closer to see the box, but the first question she asked was "wassat ar? not those stainless steel rings one rite?" ...

then i picked up the box and popped open the lid, there her eyes told me she was suprised. told her it was a white gold ring with a little diamond on top she went like "real or not" but not until i showed her the lid of the box which has an imprint on it saying "TOMEI". then she literally stopped in her tracks, tried to compose herself for a moment and i can truly see that she was touched. never have i done things like this, thoughts like this always stayed at the back of my head, looking for the right girl and the right time to make these plans and thoughts of mine a reality... finally, it came true, she was the one who i want to make so many things realized for...

we sat, chatted and hugged on the walkway by the grass, talking about what went and what was coming. then the night ended with me driving her home..

the next day as i had to work, woke up groggily, to go to work, then i worked the whole day, knowing the prospect of part two of my anniversary plan... finished work, went to her place, took a kite... and guess what... we really went to fly a kite. went to the park along mrr2 on the way to kepong/damansara. it was packed, as we also started off quite rough as she was not in a really good mood. once we parked, got down,and walked around first. then we took the kite and started flying it, the both of us, running, trying to get the kite as high up as we can... but the gem of the day, to see her smile and giggle and laugh... that was the best and well worth it.

we were then exhausted, went for some ice cream... we were hungry, thirsty and exhausted so we muched down on our ice cream like grown people who has never tasted ice cream scoops from a motorcycle ice cream vendor before. those ice cream was heaven, malaysian style, could beat hagen dazs anytime. then as we were leaving, we contemplated on flying kites in the future and when we reached our car, it was blocked.. so im not gonna talk about the frustration i felt during the hold... so then we had a great 4th month anniversary...

all thanks to the girl whom i love most...stephanie

PS:for some pics, go to .

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hennessy Artistry

you know what... this is my first time going to such a well awaited event, stephy baby told me abt it and i was anticipating it.. but she seemed to be like addicted to it... lol lol lol...

but anyways, you know what?!?! ITS HERE!!! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!

WO HOOO!!!(deserves a naked celebration dance at home, in my own room of cuz) juz kidding though, but anyways, i will be at THE mezza notte at Asian Heritage Row... hehehe... imma be there, im be at the press conference,(deserving another jiggle) the conference is gonna be at 8pm at Mezza Notte and both are gonna be held in the same day, which is on the 23rd April so imma be busy aight(starting to type lyke a drunkard, must be the alcohol LOL). later on .. hmm .. let see ..

But then hor, really cant wait... wuahahahahah

Starz Angelz

my virginity in going to a big time event is gonna be busted...lolol

local star Caprice(looks abit like Edison Chen no?potential?)

wuahahahha, im so thrilled that im also gonna travel all the way with my baby n jane to PENANG for Penang's Hennessy Artistry. crazey hor, summore on d same week and on saturday summore... cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!See you all there!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Weekend with Princess Part 2

well, im not gonna update that just yet, gonna update when im home or later... ^^

*thinking of her...*

My Weekend with Princess part 1

On Friday was our 3rd month anniversary, i finished work late at 8pm and rushed over to see her... i got her a "Confession of a Shoppaholic". I rushed over but it the roads were jammed up.. but then hor, i got there too... nevertheless, she said she has a plan and suprise for me, she took me to Desa Park Water Front(where we have most of our memories) and looked for a suitable spot to sit, we were walking and to our suprise, there were so many people!! got ppl jogging, walking, sitting around and also couples like us, going there to enjoy the scenery... it was a simple night...

SHE BROUGHT A CAKE ALONG!! i tried to peek but got scolded and told to be patient and wait.. so i did... then we found a nice seating and we had a talk... a talk about our future together and what we have gone through(like business review like tat but more emotional and mushy) then when we were done, we shifted to a nicer place to open our cake!! a beautiful Black forest cake. (pics at ) I WAS MOLESTED!!! lol but seriously, this is my first... and the we put 3 candles for... duh... 3 moths of course and we wished and blew the candle together...

we were supposed to finish of the cake ourself... it was a half kilo cake!!we fed each other, and when we couldnt finish the cake, we decided to do a bit of vandalism... lol... VANDALISM BY CAKE!! we took the cream off the from the cake and start to aim for the pillars around the cake to fling the cream at.. lol! SO RANDOM! the we laughed, gigled and had a short walk to enjoy the night then we went to the toilet and then came out, saw a ermm.. u know.. those huge bouquet stands that ppl send to congratulate an opening of a shop?? lol we stole 2 flowers from that bouquet!! it was a random but simple night... then our day ended when i left for home...


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Celebratin Earth Hour.... SHOPPING!!

well, yesterday, baby came n pick me up after work at 3.30pm and our nest destination.... PAVILLION KL!! reason? SHOPPING! I promised her i will bring her shopping to buy her things that she wants...we reached pavillion... and we started browsing... literally everywhere, and my baby was so focused on finding something she wants, she was like a radar scanner when we entered or passed by a shop...LOL.

my baby's wants? a pair of killer heels, 5 inches high, and must be classy and "panasssss". we looked here, there, everwhere, but first, i bought her something she Anna Sui's Classic handle mirror.(note: for pix of what she got, visit my baby's blog at and look out for updates) then we walked and walked till we can walk no more... we were torn between a few shoes, 1 in Tangs and 3 in Topshop... but finally got her a pair of "killer heels"(wonder why its called killer heels, is it cuz it kills the wearer by wearing it or it kills the people who look at it cuz its hawt..) from topshop, 4 pairs of knickers and a mini sling/purse bag... they gave my baby the largest plastic bag evahhh seen from Topshop..(for me i think) then we move on... but before that...

when my baby was trying out the shoes in Topshop, she asked me to check the price of the sling/purse bag and when i brought the bag to her, she saw the pricetag then i could see she had that "sayangnyer... i cant get you today..." but when i told her to just get it if she likes it... she was like, "really? really?" and that smile on her face i cannot forget, it was so sweet and nice... even when she was trying out the heels, lol... then we went to get her eye shadow from MAC. wow, a freaking small container the width of slightly larger than a 50cent coin costs a freaking 58 bucks? make up is costly... wow. but still i got it for her cuz its something she wanted and needed for herself... ^^V

after then we went to get a few of my stuff, a cap from Quicksilver, and a pair of new Converse sneakers(note to self, get my baby a pair of converse too...) then we had the most expensive dinner for two at Athena in PavillionKL. we had a full course meal of course, a starter, a main course, and a dessert... hehe.. oh yeah... and.. a pint of guiness draft for her and a pint of kilkenny for me... YAY! then we went to wait for earth hour... was quite dissapointing cuz it wasnt what i thought it would be., the lights, still as bright as hell.

next destination, Sungai Wang, cuz we needed to look for a pair of high boots for my baby but unfortunately we couldnt find any nice ones and some were too pricy just to wear for 1/2 times only LOL. then i got myself a white suit vest and a casual suit jacket.. pictures for what i got for myself will be uploaded here, while pictures for what i got for my baby will be at her blog . currently in the office,sadly yes i do work on weekends sometimes and im doing overtime today... 8am-8pm!! im missing my baby, wish i was with her now... pictures will be uploaded when i am home and when i feel like it...

ps: i love you, hope u like the stuff i bought...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Secondhand Serenade - Fall for You

This is for you... it speaks what my heart wants me to say... i really want a future with you..

I will work m best for the relationship that we have now... no matter what, i will not falter...

I really want to cuddle you and hold you always, love you and kiss you always, I have never complained and I never will, because I know that deep down inside my heart, that you are the one for me and I will have you no other way.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tears of Joy

I was so happy when we picked ourselves up after the downward spiral... no matter what we held on, but as if being happy wasn't enough, my baby had a suprise instored for me today... i was so happy the whole day knowing that everything is going well, i was so happy infact that it didnt matter to me to walk as far as possible. First of all, baby told me she had a suprise waiting for me at her place later when i go over, then it got me all excited.. before i finished work, baby told me that she wasnt happy with the puchase that she got for the suprise, that she had to travel so far yet she only got the second best of what she wanted to get, she wasn't happy, but deep down inside, i was feeling so touched(better yet, i was molested), that someone would go to lenghts to get me something(eventhough i didnt know what was it).

when i finished work, i didnt know which type of transport i wanted to take yet, then i just walked, kept on walking, looking to see if there are any cabs, (i was singing my own lyrics, snapping my fingers to beats, smiling and thinking of my baby all the while i was walking) and just kept walking... i thought i had enough time as my baby was teaching piano, and i thought she finishes around 8.30pm++.

I walked all the way from my office Menara Weld, Raja Chulan all the way to Chow Kit, then thought of continuing walk to PWTC KTM station to head over to find my baby, then as i almost reach PWTC, my baby smsed me telling me her class ends at 8pm... i was like "sheyet, stupid me... its already 8pm on my watch" so i rushed to a cab to take to her place...

reached her place, had dinner then she asked me to her room... secretly...then she had her bed nicely made(now dont get dirty thoughts all over ur head...) and she asked me to open the covers... as i pulled open the covers i see this..

a Ne-Yo album and a stalk of white rose

my heart dropped, totally "molested"....i loved it...i was speechless, hugging her, kissing her and telling her how much i love her and appreciate everything she has done for me... never has a girl done anything like this for me... even for my valentines day.... but she has done everything which i have thought impossible...

the reason she bought the album was cuz she heard it on the radio "Year Of The Gentleman"

Muahahahaha... yesh, the gentleman... its mua... heheh!!

1 white rose meant "you're my only one, and I am worthy of you"

i didnt cry then, but i did when we reached my place as i was hugging her, looking at her... tears rolled down my cheeks, never have i cried out of joy for a girl i love... now baby did it...

she melted me, and made me whole... she held on even when she was feeling weary, and now we are stronger than ever... thank you for not giving up baby... i love you stephanie.

this is how it looks on my table now, with the valentines day card,piggy and the white wine we drank for valentines on the back ground

P.S:baby... i can not ask for more, you are all i want...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy 2Months Anniversary

I love you as much as you love me,
it makes me glad to know we're meant to be,
as far as I want us to go,
Im sure that we are able to reach there slow,

we have found each other in places we least expect,
in places where we never thought we would have met,
but we bloomed from where we started,
eventhough there are times we parted,

i love every single thing you do,
despite through black and blue,
every moment i learn to cherish,
haha, i know im Teddy Bearish,

i love you through thick and thin,
even if u went, or came from where you have been,
there is no other person i would love more,
through everyday, i had to bear with missing you more,

its just been 2 months, but we have been though so much,
going through happiness and sadness and such,
i wish to continue together our story,


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dedicated to my baby....

i know it sounds jiwang or emo... but its the lyrics that matters... enjoy....

~~~~~^*^*{Benjamin loves Stephanie}*^*^~~~~~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For my baby...

Boyz To Men - Ill Make Love To You

Close your eyes,
make a wish And blow out the candlelight
For tonight is just your night
We're gonna celebrate,
all thru the night
Pour the wine,
light the fire
Girl your wish is my command
I submit to your demands
I'll do anything, girl you need only ask

I'll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I'll hold you tight
Baby all through the night I'll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go Till you tell me to

Girl relax, let's go slow
I ain't got nowhere to go
I'm just gonna concentrate on you
Girl are you ready, it's gonna be a long night
Throw your clothes on the floor
I'm gonna take my clothes off too
I made plans to be with you
Girl whatever you ask me you know I'll do

I'll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I'll hold you tight
Baby all through the night I'll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go Till you tell me to

Baby tonight is your night
And I will do you right
Just make a wish on your night
Anything that you ask
I will give you the love of your life

I'll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I'll hold you tight
Baby all through the night I'll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go Till you tell me to

Ps: this is a song that i want to sing to you... the words directly portray what i feel for you... anything for you baby...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day Galore

I know its a bit late... but i had a SUPERB valentines... im currently in the office now... and im gonna update when i reach home later....

Im home updating this...
well, time to tell you guys what my baby did for me on my valentines day... and i love everything that she did for me... i was so molested(touched i mean)... It was a superb valentines day for me and her as i know that tears of happiness welled up on our valentines day...
the cross that she bought for me...
i have been wearing that cross since the day she gave it to me... its like my PREeeEECCIiiOOuuuSSS now... i was so molested as she remembered that i told her i wanted a cross necklace...
ahhh... miss Beany Love Piggy(bpl)
its been keeping watch over me and ensuring that i am able to sleep at night!! *oink oink*
the Coffee Bean Mug and Honey Sticks
i introduced my baby to coffee bean honey sticks the first day we met, and on the first day we met we spent a certain amount of time in coffee bean chilling out... it was great... like coffee addiction, i got hooked on to her... (my baby la, not coffee, maybe a lil bit of coffee too)
and since then, the mug has been ensuring that i keep hydrated with liquid(be it coffee, tea, milo or just water) when i am at work... i really love it...*molested*
and last but not least... she made a booklet/card for me by herself... *molested all the way through*!! its the things she wants to write about me, and the pictures of all the pampering and stuff that i have bought for her...
love lolly, bouquet of flowers and PINKY!!!!!
Its not princess, its madam, queen goddess of her royal highness may i kiss your feet... now try again!!
the famous amos and flower pre-valentines... and a part of the bouquet i bought before...
the bracelet that she loves so much...
the locket neclace i gave her... its the locket to her heart as my heart will earn the key to unlock it as we move in the relationship...
to know what i did for my valentines day... see my baby's blog... and to also update urself abt us... we are the JIWANG couple...

Friday, February 13, 2009

You Might Be A....

i came across these while i was working... yes, sometime i do have some free time while at work, im not all that lifeless... read this and who know you might just fit in... wakakaka

You might be a gay man if...
Everyone calls you gay
You own a shoe rack
You own a vase
You know where your retainer is
You've complimented someone on their sweater vest
You're not a rock star yet your still in to wearing tight pants
Your first name sounds like a last name ei: carson daly
You know what a foyer is
You watch wrestling for the greased up men
Your comments about hot girls are followed by deep introspection
Your not a redneck yet you have a mustache
Your dirty dishes are "yucky", but anal sex isn't

You might be a gay woman if...
Your beard is thicker than your dad's
You have tattoos where women shouldn't ei: arm, back, penis
You work at a carnival
You are bald for non-medical reasons
You have a pair of workboots
You have a pair of wrap-around sunglasses
You think skoal "is for pussies"
You really do need things strong enough for a man but made for a woman
You work at the dyke 'n dine
You are a professional football player
Your bar of choice has "tavern" in its name
You weigh 200 pounds, "but it's all muscle"
Your badass attitude is reflected in your haircut
You like having sex with other women!

You Might Be A Nerd If...
Your glasses are thicker than your arms
You idea of a fun night involves warcraft
You are known as a "gamer"
You wear an antenna
Your watch is a communication device
You not only not what an IP address is, but you know what YOUR IP address is
You've made fun of someone else's calculator because it wasn't as good as yours
You know your IQ
You know how many words-per-minute you can type
Your computer cannot be turned off because your downloading the next Lord of the Rings
Chess is your middle name
You built your own computer
You are Bill Gates

You might be a pussy if...
You missed school because of acne
Your friends are all pussies
Your friends are foreign exchange students
Your friends are your mom
You were in Hanson
You are wearing a Star Search T-Shirt
There is gum in your hair
Your greatest fear is the schoolbus
You play the flute
You can't go on roller coasters because of hypoglycemia
You are currently having an allergic reaction
Your favorite sport is uno
Getting up in the morning involves rash powder and lice shampoo

You might be tough if...
Your home is a motorcycle
Prison guards in more than 5 states know your name
You have 2 or more articles of clothing with the confederate flag on them
Your missing eye has a sweet story behind it
You don't know and probably will never know what Snapple is
Your life savings is in a lunch box in Mexico
All you need is "a good revolver and a fine pussy"
You think a chew tins are a single serving
You think your boots are worth more than the guy next to you's life
You light matches on your dick
Your tattoos had to be blurred out when you were on Cops
Enjoy!! ^^