Sunday, March 29, 2009

Celebratin Earth Hour.... SHOPPING!!

well, yesterday, baby came n pick me up after work at 3.30pm and our nest destination.... PAVILLION KL!! reason? SHOPPING! I promised her i will bring her shopping to buy her things that she wants...we reached pavillion... and we started browsing... literally everywhere, and my baby was so focused on finding something she wants, she was like a radar scanner when we entered or passed by a shop...LOL.

my baby's wants? a pair of killer heels, 5 inches high, and must be classy and "panasssss". we looked here, there, everwhere, but first, i bought her something she Anna Sui's Classic handle mirror.(note: for pix of what she got, visit my baby's blog at and look out for updates) then we walked and walked till we can walk no more... we were torn between a few shoes, 1 in Tangs and 3 in Topshop... but finally got her a pair of "killer heels"(wonder why its called killer heels, is it cuz it kills the wearer by wearing it or it kills the people who look at it cuz its hawt..) from topshop, 4 pairs of knickers and a mini sling/purse bag... they gave my baby the largest plastic bag evahhh seen from Topshop..(for me i think) then we move on... but before that...

when my baby was trying out the shoes in Topshop, she asked me to check the price of the sling/purse bag and when i brought the bag to her, she saw the pricetag then i could see she had that "sayangnyer... i cant get you today..." but when i told her to just get it if she likes it... she was like, "really? really?" and that smile on her face i cannot forget, it was so sweet and nice... even when she was trying out the heels, lol... then we went to get her eye shadow from MAC. wow, a freaking small container the width of slightly larger than a 50cent coin costs a freaking 58 bucks? make up is costly... wow. but still i got it for her cuz its something she wanted and needed for herself... ^^V

after then we went to get a few of my stuff, a cap from Quicksilver, and a pair of new Converse sneakers(note to self, get my baby a pair of converse too...) then we had the most expensive dinner for two at Athena in PavillionKL. we had a full course meal of course, a starter, a main course, and a dessert... hehe.. oh yeah... and.. a pint of guiness draft for her and a pint of kilkenny for me... YAY! then we went to wait for earth hour... was quite dissapointing cuz it wasnt what i thought it would be., the lights, still as bright as hell.

next destination, Sungai Wang, cuz we needed to look for a pair of high boots for my baby but unfortunately we couldnt find any nice ones and some were too pricy just to wear for 1/2 times only LOL. then i got myself a white suit vest and a casual suit jacket.. pictures for what i got for myself will be uploaded here, while pictures for what i got for my baby will be at her blog . currently in the office,sadly yes i do work on weekends sometimes and im doing overtime today... 8am-8pm!! im missing my baby, wish i was with her now... pictures will be uploaded when i am home and when i feel like it...

ps: i love you, hope u like the stuff i bought...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Secondhand Serenade - Fall for You

This is for you... it speaks what my heart wants me to say... i really want a future with you..

I will work m best for the relationship that we have now... no matter what, i will not falter...

I really want to cuddle you and hold you always, love you and kiss you always, I have never complained and I never will, because I know that deep down inside my heart, that you are the one for me and I will have you no other way.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tears of Joy

I was so happy when we picked ourselves up after the downward spiral... no matter what we held on, but as if being happy wasn't enough, my baby had a suprise instored for me today... i was so happy the whole day knowing that everything is going well, i was so happy infact that it didnt matter to me to walk as far as possible. First of all, baby told me she had a suprise waiting for me at her place later when i go over, then it got me all excited.. before i finished work, baby told me that she wasnt happy with the puchase that she got for the suprise, that she had to travel so far yet she only got the second best of what she wanted to get, she wasn't happy, but deep down inside, i was feeling so touched(better yet, i was molested), that someone would go to lenghts to get me something(eventhough i didnt know what was it).

when i finished work, i didnt know which type of transport i wanted to take yet, then i just walked, kept on walking, looking to see if there are any cabs, (i was singing my own lyrics, snapping my fingers to beats, smiling and thinking of my baby all the while i was walking) and just kept walking... i thought i had enough time as my baby was teaching piano, and i thought she finishes around 8.30pm++.

I walked all the way from my office Menara Weld, Raja Chulan all the way to Chow Kit, then thought of continuing walk to PWTC KTM station to head over to find my baby, then as i almost reach PWTC, my baby smsed me telling me her class ends at 8pm... i was like "sheyet, stupid me... its already 8pm on my watch" so i rushed to a cab to take to her place...

reached her place, had dinner then she asked me to her room... secretly...then she had her bed nicely made(now dont get dirty thoughts all over ur head...) and she asked me to open the covers... as i pulled open the covers i see this..

a Ne-Yo album and a stalk of white rose

my heart dropped, totally "molested"....i loved it...i was speechless, hugging her, kissing her and telling her how much i love her and appreciate everything she has done for me... never has a girl done anything like this for me... even for my valentines day.... but she has done everything which i have thought impossible...

the reason she bought the album was cuz she heard it on the radio "Year Of The Gentleman"

Muahahahaha... yesh, the gentleman... its mua... heheh!!

1 white rose meant "you're my only one, and I am worthy of you"

i didnt cry then, but i did when we reached my place as i was hugging her, looking at her... tears rolled down my cheeks, never have i cried out of joy for a girl i love... now baby did it...

she melted me, and made me whole... she held on even when she was feeling weary, and now we are stronger than ever... thank you for not giving up baby... i love you stephanie.

this is how it looks on my table now, with the valentines day card,piggy and the white wine we drank for valentines on the back ground

P.S:baby... i can not ask for more, you are all i want...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy 2Months Anniversary

I love you as much as you love me,
it makes me glad to know we're meant to be,
as far as I want us to go,
Im sure that we are able to reach there slow,

we have found each other in places we least expect,
in places where we never thought we would have met,
but we bloomed from where we started,
eventhough there are times we parted,

i love every single thing you do,
despite through black and blue,
every moment i learn to cherish,
haha, i know im Teddy Bearish,

i love you through thick and thin,
even if u went, or came from where you have been,
there is no other person i would love more,
through everyday, i had to bear with missing you more,

its just been 2 months, but we have been though so much,
going through happiness and sadness and such,
i wish to continue together our story,