Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So yeah, my blog has been dead for quite some time, so screw.. i mean sue me... well, its basically bcuz i have nothing to blog about and i am actually going through a change of lifestyle... again..

been working my ass off for the last few months with a great company and a well paid job, but now im quitting that job so that i can continue my studies and focus on it.... Haaarrrddd... i dont want to waste anymore time on finishing my studies, so that i can chase my goal in the future. but i thank god i still have my baby.(not those kids, my gf la...) but overall, there are always sacrifices when one wants something, so i wanna have a better future, thats why im sacrificing my current financial stability, it do or die... russian roulette, stand up or bend over, u catch my drift...but anyways, i really hope that i am making a good choice, and im not gonna look back and go... DOOOHH!!.

so... all you assholes and biatches out there, if u see me in college.. do gimme some cash, cuz imma be ass broke(not that ass) when im in college... "abang ada 2 linggit ka?"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We had our 4th month anniversary on the 3rd of may, and i know its a bit late to blog about this, but im not really the blogger person much, i took her to Desa Park before midnight of the 2nd, then we found a nice spot to lay out my plan... hehehe... asked her to turn around to look away, and she did, so i took out yhe plastic bags full of rose petals of the color white, pink and red, and laid a heart shape on the grass, then placed the white gold ring(in the box) in the heart, she looked back, blur, but then, the smile, shock and awe came all at one. that look melted me straight away, and for that moment, i knew that everything i did was worth it. she then walked closer to see the box, but the first question she asked was "wassat ar? not those stainless steel rings one rite?" ...

then i picked up the box and popped open the lid, there her eyes told me she was suprised. told her it was a white gold ring with a little diamond on top she went like "real or not" but not until i showed her the lid of the box which has an imprint on it saying "TOMEI". then she literally stopped in her tracks, tried to compose herself for a moment and i can truly see that she was touched. never have i done things like this, thoughts like this always stayed at the back of my head, looking for the right girl and the right time to make these plans and thoughts of mine a reality... finally, it came true, she was the one who i want to make so many things realized for...

we sat, chatted and hugged on the walkway by the grass, talking about what went and what was coming. then the night ended with me driving her home..

the next day as i had to work, woke up groggily, to go to work, then i worked the whole day, knowing the prospect of part two of my anniversary plan... finished work, went to her place, took a kite... and guess what... we really went to fly a kite. went to the park along mrr2 on the way to kepong/damansara. it was packed, as we also started off quite rough as she was not in a really good mood. once we parked, got down,and walked around first. then we took the kite and started flying it, the both of us, running, trying to get the kite as high up as we can... but the gem of the day, to see her smile and giggle and laugh... that was the best and well worth it.

we were then exhausted, went for some ice cream... we were hungry, thirsty and exhausted so we muched down on our ice cream like grown people who has never tasted ice cream scoops from a motorcycle ice cream vendor before. those ice cream was heaven, malaysian style, could beat hagen dazs anytime. then as we were leaving, we contemplated on flying kites in the future and when we reached our car, it was blocked.. so im not gonna talk about the frustration i felt during the hold... so then we had a great 4th month anniversary...

all thanks to the girl whom i love most...stephanie

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