Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So yeah, my blog has been dead for quite some time, so screw.. i mean sue me... well, its basically bcuz i have nothing to blog about and i am actually going through a change of lifestyle... again..

been working my ass off for the last few months with a great company and a well paid job, but now im quitting that job so that i can continue my studies and focus on it.... Haaarrrddd... i dont want to waste anymore time on finishing my studies, so that i can chase my goal in the future. but i thank god i still have my baby.(not those kids, my gf la...) but overall, there are always sacrifices when one wants something, so i wanna have a better future, thats why im sacrificing my current financial stability, it do or die... russian roulette, stand up or bend over, u catch my drift...but anyways, i really hope that i am making a good choice, and im not gonna look back and go... DOOOHH!!.

so... all you assholes and biatches out there, if u see me in college.. do gimme some cash, cuz imma be ass broke(not that ass) when im in college... "abang ada 2 linggit ka?"

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