Thursday, August 13, 2009


why am i so forgetful? why cant i remember somethings when i try so hard to remember them... this is what brought me into trouble with my baby today. i sometimes forget where her classes are and it hurts her... i understand that, because it shows as if i dont care. i do care about her, i dont want to make her sad. but i make her sad time and time again, while i thought that i am doing something that is making her happy, making her proud, something else pops up and i make her sad. i dont want that to happen. i really dont.

everytime she is sad, it makes me feel useless as a boyfriend not doing what im supposed to do, which is to make her happy. as of right now, i am aiming for her birthday, every single cent and penny saved will prioritized for my baby's birthday, i am even doing her handmade gift right now... and below, i will vow to do these and to keep my forgetfulness away, even that there is still a chance, i want to minimize it.

1. jot down every single thing of my baby's lifestyle.
2. constantly update the booklet and constantly looktrough it so i do not forget.

this will try to reduce the chance of me dissapointing my baby. i love her too much to hurt her anymore...

p.s: smack me if i do forget. i love you stephanie