Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ah... Its Over

Finally the Loreal Purezone Finals are over!! well, sadly I didn't win it. But, yes there is a but, I have gained a lot. Exposure, supporters and most of all, experience! I'm really happy all my close Friends & Relatives arrived to support me that day. So, eventhough without winning, i now know that so many people cares for me. And, to know that the music I write and compose can actually reach out to so many people. It touches me so, I feel so molested (with puns intended).

so I wanna make a shout out to everyone that supported me all the way through the event. " THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR BLESSINGS AND SUPPORT, I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN." I'm sure I'm gonna produce my music soon enough!! thank you all!! i'll be sure to post up the pictures of the event soon enough!

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SilentSiren said...

Be waiting for yer next post. In the mean time, take care