Friday, September 12, 2008

Its Alive! Its Alllliiiivveeeee!!!

whee... i finally have streamyx at home now!! Im connected to the world!! i really have to thank Telecom Malaysian for being so swift about it and now, my blog is alive again(as if anyone reads it). I just realized how long have i not been blogging(centuries) when i logged on and say the amount of cobwebs on my blog(lame). i couldn't blog last time because i had lack of privacy and resources. Now, my dream is fulfilled!!!

Lets get started... well, i have been working a lot nowadays and realized how many friends i have and i found someone who really treasures me!!

here's the girl i love so much ( camwhoring sia )

She makes me feel wanted, loved and yet abused... (scratch that) and she makes me love her so much!! so so much!! I feel like im blogwhoring about her... LMAO anyways, here's some details abt her, she's small, cute, pretty, most importantly smart, lovable and bimbo-ish (ugh!!) and all that adds upt to - - - - - -TABBY!!

me screaming out 'I LOVE YOU'
Well, what can i say... Im a sucker for love...tee hee


bern.kam said...

haha..good luck with streamyx wei..=pppp and reformat your pc..

P.S. Don't format our orgy video k!! =p

bern.kam said...

you look better then than now bitch