Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fallen over my head and heels

Due to unforseen circumstances, i shall not be posting here anymore... as empty i feel inside, i really have nothing to write, nor do i have any mood to write after today...

"Sitting here and waiting is all i can do"

Many things cannot be predicted as love cannot be either... I do not feel much broken hearted, but just lost...

"I cannot stop someone from taking the road"

Im not being overly dramatic but just stating out how I feel right now... and I shall try to understand and go through this break/rest that I am having now...

"Cant say I'm Free, Cant say I'm Bound"

I believe I feel a crack coming from somewhere deep inside me...where can it be?

"Looking Left, Looking right, I see no roads"

As predictable as things seem, or no matter how you plan things out, it never works out the way its supposed to be... so go with the flow?

"Lost, thats where I am. Lost, thats what I am,"

Until further notice, i shall not be blogging again... Farewell...

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