Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dedication: From then till now

This post is gonna be mushy so BEAR WITH IT!

This post is dedicated to the girl who took my heart away, we have some rough times but thats now important, whats important is our good times and whats to come. She is currently back in sarawak for her holidays and i have not seen her for 2 and a half weeks and i miss her dearly...

So baby, this is for you...

me trying to show her my PRO-NESS of salsa dancing ^^

Received this pic just recently and i didnt know it exists till she told me she came across it in her external hard disk and this pic was taken by Amirul, a friend of ours. It was the first time i met her in Rainforest Sports Bar in Pavillion KL... We were there for an open mic session as our friend was performing.. we immediately got hooked with each other

"Muahaha~~ ur mine now!" me with that insane look

Us camwhoring as were bored watchin a football match
This wasnt really our second outing but its the second outing that we took picture at, were watching football at Uncle Don's in Desa Sri Hartamas....
Muahaha, I remember we stole a light baton that the security guards used in Midvalley KL as it was left ion a blockade we sped of i saw a security guard riding back to the scene of the crime(muahaha again) i think he left it there accidentally...(and again Muahahaha) *tag, we were with Danush, Andrew and we met up with Daryl and his friends as we were n Hartamas*
I handsome hor... hor... hor....

Telentime Night in TARC... she was wearing a sweet white dress when i saw here there(she was a commitee member so i couldnt ask her out) and my heart stopped then my jaw dropped(ooh..rhymey) as she to me, was the hottest girl alive there(and still heart stopping when i am thinking about it now)
And the first thing that came to my mind was "OH-MY-GOD, SHE-LOOKS-HOT" (hey, it rhymes too)

Me keeping macho but actually melting inside

C'mere You

Our 3 months anniversary ^^... We went to Amuleto's in Mid Valley KL for western style food, the food was great, the ambient was great, the girl was hot(i mean Tabby)
We went for a movie there then went for dinner, i was so contented, what else could i ask for... a perfect day out with the girl i love...


Eh, i shy la...

Aw, she camwhored for me from Sarawak.

And this was the last picture that i have of her, sadly it doesnt have your truly*points at self* in it... hehe... and SHE IS COMING BACK NEXT SUNDAY!!!! WOOO HOOO~~~
PS:Baby, if you're reading this, Ill be here for you when you're back...^^

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Tabby said...

sweet... *melted*
6 more days sayang....