Friday, November 21, 2008

Is This All a Joke?

it has been a rough week for me... or so to say, the whole month has been shitty for me.

i had to work everyweek on this road show which takes up so much of one's energy, that you might think you signed up a pact with the devil. working for 2 days on this road show needs you to take 3 days rest.( yes its that bad)

then the relationship i had with her was on a rocky road south, i pulled up all the positiveness from me to hope that it'll go through... but it went downhill and ended. i never though it will come to this, or have i been so blinded? but nonetheless, it couldnt have been worse when everything comes crashing down.

after that, of all my stupidity and carelessness, i lost my friend's PSP. he was ok with it and i promised to get him a new one, but i still feel bad as i lost something that doesnt belong to me. he said he is ok and he is ok, but i still feel bad. but thats not all...

as if it werent bad enough, as if god wanted to play a little game of sadness, i had a quarrel with my best friend. my best friend of 13 years, my buddy and my bro. with all these happening, i broke down twice, as i dont break down often and its not easy for me to break down but i did. so dear someone up there... if you wanted to see me cry, yes, you have done a great job, a superb job in fact.

within a week, i had to lose a girl i love, lose my friend's psp(money$$$) and to also lose my best friend... how bad could it be?

but after all, i have to thank Benjamin Chan(the friend whom i lost his PSP) for taking me out and allowing yourself to spend some time with me(work stuff and yum cha)... i really feel greatfull to you...

p/s: God, you know i love you. I hope this rainy season ends soon.

Bila yang tertulis untukku
Adalah yang terbaik untukmu
Kan kujadikan kau kenangan
Yang terindah dalam hidupku
Namun takkan mudah bagiku
Meninggalkan jejak hidupku
Yang tlah terukir abadi
Sebagai kenangan yang terindah

-Kenangan Terindah by Samsons-

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