Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seasons Change

She made my day today, even if it only was for an hour... i bought an elmo puppet on sunday during work. it was a random gesture, as i passed by the stall and i saw this big,round and read head with eyes bulging and glaring back at me... instantly i stopped on my feet. i asked my colleagues to hang on. i picked it up and to my disbelief, its an elmo puppet! i asked for the price and tried it on my hands... and the first thing that came to mind was " she will definitely love this, and this i can use to cheer her up..."

this was exactly how it looked back at me "elmo wants to go home with you"

i told the man to hang on to it, i will come back after my lunch... and throughout lunch i was think only thinking about her and how to make her smile(at that time, longed for her smile). after lunch, i bought it, plaved with it, and amused myself (yes, i can amuse myself)

after work was done, we all went back on the same car, and i was sitting in the front passenger seat playing with the elmo and other road users... i used the elmo to say hi on this guy driving a satria, and he laughed, smiled, and gave me a thumbs up when he drove off... if this thing can make random people smile and laugh, im sure it will do the same to her...
for the past few days.. i tried my best to hold back on contacting her as to give her space for the "time out" but i cant help but to feel my heart becoming heavier and heavier(its that feeling you get when you miss someone so much but yet you cant tell her) i spoke to her online a few times trying to shut down the mushy side of my brain... it was like winter for me(i know it wasnt easy on her either)

cold sia... brrrr....

then i wanted to pass her the puppet today, but she wasnt at her room so i thought, if it wasnt meant to be today, it wasnt meant to be... then i went to a cyber cafe to play some DOTA adn halfway trough, Danush came walking to me saying "Oi, ur gf outside la... she at the malay makan shop there"(and he was loud, as always^^)
i went out immediately, left my game there and just walked out to see her... the moment i saw her, my heart dropped(yes it did, i had to bend over to pick it up) then the hug she gave me.. my heart vapourised... it was that warm.. i went to the car to pass her the elmo, she was shocked... and we had dinner with her friends... after dinner she wanted me to send her back, and that time my brain was thinking "i still cant be too mushy, but its good enough she still held my hands"... we stopped in front of her hostel, and then we hugged...exchanged misses and kisses on the cheeks. after a while... she whispered to me " I want you back". i was happy but suprised, so i kept my cool and said "you sure" then the reply was "yes".

instantly, i turned into a slush of warm liquid(as in i melted la, so guys, no dirty thoughts pls) and hugged her like there was no tomorrow...

in short, she made my day, she made winter turn into spring, she made me warm again...

my heart blossoms

-Dying for just another moment And I'm just dreaming Counting the ways to where you are- Five For Fighting

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