Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life Operator

I believe in god,
I believe in a supernatural existence of a higher being that created us,
I believe that Jesus Christ existed,
I believe that Siddharta Gautama lived,
I believe that Prophet Muhhammad stepped on this world once upon a time ago....

But what I dont believe is that one is Fated to do something, Destined to become somebody... these things have never crossed my mind... a person, no matter borne of what background, may it be poor, rich, ugly, beautiful and etc. have their own choices to make in life. a baby born beautiful doesnt mean that it'll be beautiful for their whole lives. i know that sometimes, life sucks and we cant have everything in life, but its up to us to make the best of it, strive to be different..

nevertheless, where good things may be, bad things exists too... without know what is bad, how would we know what is good? and so the latter... Life isnt fair, but thats why rules, laws, morals, and ethics are made... by people, humans... like i said, its up to us to make the best of it...

I believe in the human will, not god's will... we are given minds to think for ourselves, to better ourselves, and to use what has god given us. humans are the best survivors there are, we are everywhere in the world, be it cold, hot, humid, or freezing.. we make the best of what we have and Survive....

there are so much more for me to say but its just too long... its in the wee hours of work in the morning, i have another a full day to go...but what the heck... who knows? i might be wrong... i might be rambling on pointless thoughts, but im just voicing it out... ^^V

PS: baby..... Ai ai ai ai ai i i i i Lo o ov v ve ve e e Yo yo yo o ou ou ou ou u u...*echoes*(cuz im calling all the way from mah office... wahahaha)

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