Friday, February 13, 2009

You Might Be A....

i came across these while i was working... yes, sometime i do have some free time while at work, im not all that lifeless... read this and who know you might just fit in... wakakaka

You might be a gay man if...
Everyone calls you gay
You own a shoe rack
You own a vase
You know where your retainer is
You've complimented someone on their sweater vest
You're not a rock star yet your still in to wearing tight pants
Your first name sounds like a last name ei: carson daly
You know what a foyer is
You watch wrestling for the greased up men
Your comments about hot girls are followed by deep introspection
Your not a redneck yet you have a mustache
Your dirty dishes are "yucky", but anal sex isn't

You might be a gay woman if...
Your beard is thicker than your dad's
You have tattoos where women shouldn't ei: arm, back, penis
You work at a carnival
You are bald for non-medical reasons
You have a pair of workboots
You have a pair of wrap-around sunglasses
You think skoal "is for pussies"
You really do need things strong enough for a man but made for a woman
You work at the dyke 'n dine
You are a professional football player
Your bar of choice has "tavern" in its name
You weigh 200 pounds, "but it's all muscle"
Your badass attitude is reflected in your haircut
You like having sex with other women!

You Might Be A Nerd If...
Your glasses are thicker than your arms
You idea of a fun night involves warcraft
You are known as a "gamer"
You wear an antenna
Your watch is a communication device
You not only not what an IP address is, but you know what YOUR IP address is
You've made fun of someone else's calculator because it wasn't as good as yours
You know your IQ
You know how many words-per-minute you can type
Your computer cannot be turned off because your downloading the next Lord of the Rings
Chess is your middle name
You built your own computer
You are Bill Gates

You might be a pussy if...
You missed school because of acne
Your friends are all pussies
Your friends are foreign exchange students
Your friends are your mom
You were in Hanson
You are wearing a Star Search T-Shirt
There is gum in your hair
Your greatest fear is the schoolbus
You play the flute
You can't go on roller coasters because of hypoglycemia
You are currently having an allergic reaction
Your favorite sport is uno
Getting up in the morning involves rash powder and lice shampoo

You might be tough if...
Your home is a motorcycle
Prison guards in more than 5 states know your name
You have 2 or more articles of clothing with the confederate flag on them
Your missing eye has a sweet story behind it
You don't know and probably will never know what Snapple is
Your life savings is in a lunch box in Mexico
All you need is "a good revolver and a fine pussy"
You think a chew tins are a single serving
You think your boots are worth more than the guy next to you's life
You light matches on your dick
Your tattoos had to be blurred out when you were on Cops
Enjoy!! ^^

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