Sunday, June 7, 2009

Most Wanted Ruummate Finalists

so guys and girls, do you know what is the most wanted Ruummate? neither do i...

nah.... just kidding(of course I am, if not someone will kill meh). it actually is sorta like a teen idol/beauty king or queen/most famous members on Ruumz.. just recently, I attended their unveiling at PacketHub in PJ. we were on the roof top, drinking booze and eating finger foods and mingling around, but most importantly, we get to know the finalist... all those lengchais and lengluis...

James Chong (third from right), chief executive of ruumzNation and the energetic ruumz team

really, these people are a friendly bunch, especially Uncle James! hehe(so.. so.. dead..)

Judges for the 'Most Wanted ruumate' campaign. From left, Fly Guy, Sarah Lian, Niki Cheong, Lu Jing Shia and Ross

Group shot of the finalists and judges

so boys and girls, if you do see any of these guys or girls interesting please vote for them at . here are the boys(scream girls, scream!)

Reuben Samuel

Jon Lee

Dicky Oscar

Derek Yeap

Boywin Lee

Asran Zakry

now that we r done with the boys, lets do the girls!!(pls la, dun so dirty)

Rachel Beh

Raessa Sha

Pearlyn Sin

Melissa Lim

Kiwi See

Kamen Liew

Ellie Chee

Coco Woo

Amanda Choe
Thats it boys and that were are done with them... lets go and sleep.. ZZZzzzzZZzzzz...


许愿_蓝苹果 said...

Wah .. Now I only realize that you owned a blog .. And one of the guys is quite handsome.. others so so only la .. Girls, got few is quite pretty ^^

Jing Jing said...

uhuh ~
Why the ending so sudden one @@...