Sunday, June 28, 2009

Redefining Love

its going to be 6 months now for me and my baby, and there is no one else i love more in this world... i am willing to sacrifice so much and give her so much more, because i know that she deserves it. i have never doubted anything from her before, loving her more and more each passing day. what is love when you dont love her flaws too? nobody is perfect, and i accept it.

sometimes we do have our ups and downs, i have my immaturities and she has her flaws too... but i love her for who she is and im not gonna do anything to change the fact that i love her like crazy. i cant do anything but to pamper her and show her how much i love her. and at the same time she does the same to.

there are no perfect relationships out there, but there are only great ones, and im having one. yes, there are things that we need to cope with, things that we are angered by, and things that we do not agree with, but putting all those aside, there is just so much space for improvement and affection in our relationship. each passing day, our relationship grows and grows, as we stumble, fall and pick ourselves up and dust off the dirt, we hold hands and walk together again. walking towards a wonderful future together. i may be a dreamer, but i only like thinking positive. well, opposites attract, thats why we are together. i really love her alot. there are just so many things i want to do for her, love her more and more, give her things that she could only dream of having and just so much more...

without her, i would only be floating in thin air as she is the anchor that pulls me back to earth... walking with her made so many things clear to me. most of the time, she wonders that i am either too innocent, or just plain stupid. sometimes its a bit of both.

she is just everything that i ever dreamed of, i really dont want to change that...

I love stephanie

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