Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wanna Play With My Strings?

Finally, Im able to buy myself a guitar today... im planning to buy an acoustic guitar with pick ups(that means a built in microphone and a cable jack to hook up to an amp) and im trying to make it simple as possible... budget between RM 300-400... as long as its good its

to let you know why i need to buy a new guitar, i once had a yamaha classical guitar... and i left it at my friend's place a approximately a year ago, when i stayed over at his house. i forgot to ask him back till a month a go... i called him with my number and he doesnt pick upmy call so i used a different number to call him then he picked up... i asked him where is he and he usually says he is in Kota Kinabalu or some other place(hes a pilot for MAS and no he's not hot....)i told him i'll get the guitar from him when he comes back to kl then when he does, i called ends up him and he ends up evading my calls... DARN IT!

i feel like strangling him right now
Ps : i know that is also somewhat my fault... so dont lecture me you sluts...

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